servicesWest LA Hand Center is a multifaceted facility that offers many modalities of treatment. Each client will be educated about their condition, possible causes, and the reasoning behind the plan for treatment.  Many aspects of treatment can be carried out right here in our office. However, when it is necessary to refer out, we have an extensive network of professionals who pride themselves in customer care as much as we do.


It is a common misconception that a Hand Surgeon would only see patients who may be in need of surgery.  While Dr. Freedman is a highly skilled surgeon, the fact is that many of our patients will never see him in an operating room.  At West LA Hand Center, we see patients with many lower extremity issues.

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Diolase 10 High Intensity Laser Therapy

This is a non-invasive, powerful Deep Tissue Laser Therapy treatment that is designed to relieve pain in muscles, nerves, ligaments, tendons, joints and scar tissue. This treatment is performed in our office and typical takes between 15-45 minutes.

To learn more about Diolase 10 High Intensity Laser Therapy or to get scheduled, please contact our office.

PinPointe Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

The patented PinPointe Laser is specially designed to penetrate the nail, skin and soft tissue, killing the fungus in the nail bed that causes onychomycosis which leads to unsightly nail appearance.

The procedure typically requires one to two treatments with little or no discomfort and is performed in our office with no anesthetic being necessary. The gentle laser light beam has no effect on healthy tissue and treats only the infected area of the fingers. This eliminates the need for oral antifungal medications, which have demonstrated potential side effects, including liver damage.

To learn more or to get scheduled, please call our office.  If you would like to read more about the PinPointe Hand Laser please visit


Another service that makes us unique is the utilization of X-Ray technology in office.  In the event that you have an accident, an injury or are in need of imaging; there is no need to go to an Emergency Room or an Urgent Care.  You can come straight to our office and get the fast, personal service you would expect from an experienced private office.

In Office Procedures

Not all hand ailments require surgery. Many people will find great results with an in office procedure.  We offer aspirations of cysts and bursas, nail removal, and cortisone Injections to name a few.  Please contact our office to learn more or to get scheduled for a consult.


While Dr. Freedman will work hard to give you many options for treatment, there are times when surgery will be a consideration. You will be given a full evaluation and if your ailment does require surgery, we make the process seamless and as simple as possible. We provide you with all of the information you need and will even give you a cost assessment when needed. We work very close with great surgery centers in the area to give you comprehensive care before, during, and after your surgery.

Hand Therapy

There are some cases that may benefit from formal hand therapy. We work closely with a number of Hand, Occupational, and Physical Therapy groups that are great with accommodating schedules without compromising care.