StethbookOur hands help to define us as human beings. They are one of the most graceful, beautiful, and functional tools in nature. The hand has many varied and amazing functions. Most of us take normal hand function for granted, and only realize after an injury or impairment what we are missing. The mission of West LA Hand Center is the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of problems of the hand and upper extremity.

Many ailments of the hand can be resolved without the use of surgery. However, when surgery is needed, the results are usually quite successful, almost always allowing patients to return to their previous level of function. Whether you are a concert pianist, a weekend warrior, or a carpenter, you may find yourself in need of a hand surgeon. My particular approach involves a thorough one-on-one evaluation, treatment recommendations, follow-up, and appropriate referrals for imaging studies and hand therapy as needed. If you have any problems with your hands, I welcome you to contact me to schedule an appointment.